Beshano Bike Trials Club

BESHANO Bike Trials Club

Work: Design and build brand new website. Full French translation capabilities.

Beshano Bike Trials produces Intense Trial Bike Shows any season, anywhere in Canada. Mountain bike trials, is a sport where the objective is to use perfect balance to keep control of the bike while going over obstacles. While competing, touching the ground or the obstacles with any body parts makes you loose points. That may lead you to loosing the competition.


Joan M Turner

Joan M Turner | Local Victorian Artist

Project: New design and functionality to client’s existing website.

  • Easy to update Content Management System
  • Optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  • Large, crisp images allow to showcase clients bright and brilliant artwork
  • Updated to responsive to display correctly across multiple devices

Madelaine by the Sea

New SiteMadelaine by the Sea

Google: Joan M Turner

Lockhart Innovations

Lockhart Innovations

Project: Lockhart Innovations

Build brand new site with logos and social media integration. Lockart Innovations introduces the LockHARD bit as a new standard in Canada.


CNL Painting

Project: Update client’s existing website to look more professional and add additional functionality

  • Easy to update Content Management System
  • Optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeting both Residential and Commercial painting markets

A local company with high values.

New Site: CNL Painting

Google: cnl painting

After a number of expensive, inattentive web design experiences I thought I had struck gold with Victoria Web Solutions! Patrick is the first designer to listen and craft a web page that I am proud to call my own. Our revenue has increased with our site. Patrick is prompt, professional and attentive. We are grateful to have found him and you will too.

Chris Brown
CNL Painting

Chibougamau Photos

Project: Develop a brand new web site that showcases the quaint town of Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada.

  • Easy to update Content Management System
  • Optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  • Photos taken by Roy Legate
  • Large data driven site

Re-discover Quebec. A city portrayed on the web.

New SiteChibougamau Photos

Google: chibougamau photos


Karen Lynn Kaiser

click to visit site

Project: Build brand new site for client that showcases her oil paintings.

  • Simple, clean and fast to load site
  • Easy to update
  • SEO (optimized for search engines)
  • Graphics, content and web page statistics

New site: Karen Lynn Kaiser (you can Google “karen lynn kaiser”)

He is knowledgeable, creative and professional. He is completely focussed on our needs and preferences, and whether we are satisfied. We especially appreciate that he is very accessable, responding promptly when needed for consultation, support and updates to our sites. Patrick has helped us reach our audience with beautifully produced and varied media.

Karen and Hugh Kaiser
Karen Lynn Kaiser | Marshall Hugh Kaiser

Cloverdale Traditional School

Cloverdale Traditional School

Project: Site required update with ability for user’s to make edits.

  • Link to a dynamic calendar for easily updating events
  • Client-centric (task orientated, easy to find information)
  • Facebook Fan page and links off main site
  • Server Side Includes (SSIs)
  • Flash for image rotation and engagement
  • Installed Content Management System on local computers for easy editing (Adobe Contribute)
  • SEO
  • Training for Staff to update
  • Tour of the page in Adobe Captivate
  • All photography used in the site

Site previous: Cloverdale (from the Wayback Machine)

New site: Cloverdale Traditional School (you can also Google “cloverdale school”)


BC Whale Tours

Project: Brand new site built with a CMS for easy editing

  • Simple, clean and fast to load site
  • Easy to update
  • SEO
  • Graphics, content and web page statistics
  • Facebook and Twitter custom pages

New site: BC Whale Tours (you can Google “BC Whale Tours, Whale Watching Victoria, Wildlife Tours Victoria”)

…with the design of our website.  As the owner and operator of this company, I admit I know little about websites and multi-media techniques and have learned a lot from Patrick.  He is willing to help me with further suggestions and shows me more ways to reach more people as the company grows. It was a great experience working with Victoria Web Solutions.

Captain Harold
BC Whale Tours

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